Monday, January 13, 2014

Is it trash day?

Sounds like a busy week trying to find and visit all the members (active and less active).  Sometime this kind of work needs to be done so the other work can move forward at a greater pace.  Also, new technology is brought the mission....a DVD player...welcome to the 21st Century!  ;-)

Some of the pictures he sent this week are fun to see.


Hey Everyone,

Sounds like things are going well for you guys and I keep on hearing from all the member here that its freezing in Utah, So I hope that you guys are doing well with the weather. California looks pretty awesome and Sea World sounds like it was pretty fun. I want to hear more about this basketball team that´s been put together, and quick question why I wasn't picked for the team. I only need to get permission from president to change my p-day to whenever the games are and fly there and back. Let me know how that team works out!  It´s sad to hear that Mel Erickson past away. Sabrina looks like a pro basketball player and her big Birthday is tomorrow! She’s turning the BIG 9 Years old!!!! (9 Birthday spankings don't forget Dad!)

This week has been hard, and good, and a little bit of everything. I can tell you guys that the weeks are flying by and the nights are at least 5 minutes long which is dumb, though I am lasting through my tired fast weeks. As for the family Burgaos Arabena, we just found out the parents aren't married (shocker in Chile) because he doesn't want to do the paper work for the divorce he had. So now we are starting to work with them on that also. Now we ask all families in the first lesson if they are married or not, because its supper common to have people living together that aren't married. We are still searching and working with some of the investigators we have. We had a lot of meetings this week with the members in the Ward about missionary work, and the list of all the members and less actives we have here. So this last week was just meeting after meeting and I feel like they are not going to stop. We weren't able to work as much this week like we usually can, but this week will be better! 

This week we got a DVD player in our house, because every house in the mission needs one to train the new missionaries. My companion loves it so much, I can probably quote The District show now because that's all he does with his free time! It’s driving me crazy!!! (HaHa) We had our interviews with President this week, which was really good, and those went well. Right after our interviews with President is when we got our DVD player and that's when it was like Christmas for him (HaHa).

I have a picture of some trash on the side of the road that I’m sending to you guys. This is everywhere this week and we have no clue but there is just huge piles of trash everywhere, and a lot of TVs, couches, mattresses and just random stuff. I thought I should explain that picture to you guys, but as soon as I find out why I will tell you guys what’s going on!

Happy Birthday song in Chile!

Cumpleaños feliz (FELIZ, FELIZ) te deseamos a ti (A TI, A TI) Feliz cumpleaños SABRINA que los cumplas feliz (FELIZ, FELIZ)!!!
Happy birthday big bum I hope you have a good birthday and I want to see some pictures of what you do for your birthday! Have an awesome birthday Love you Sabrina!

This week was just full of meetings and stuff, so I don’t have much to write about. Thanks for everything and I love receiving pictures from you guys. Thanks for your guys love and your support! We are doing our best down here to bring people unto Christ. I love you guys and have a good week!

Love you guys!!!

Elder McAlister


The spiritual thought shared with Sean this week comes for President Dieter F. Uchtdorf speaking about prophets. He said: 

"We know this mortal life is a test. But because our Heavenly Father loves us with a perfect love, He shows us where to find the answers. He has given us the map that allows us to navigate the uncertain terrain and unexpected trials that each of us encounters. The words of the prophets are part of this map."

What a great gift we have today with a living prophet Thomas S. Monson on the earth.  Until next week, enjoy this week’s pictures from Hualpencillo, Chile….

The last week trash is showing up in piles like this everywhere....what's going on?

He's rich!!  Until he figures out the exchange rate.

Glass he found that he can't see out of....just for fun.

That's fish he was guess on what kind.

A sad dog they came upon while working.

His favorite cookies down there.

His new little friend.  Part of the Burgaos Arabena family they are teaching.

His little friend again.

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