Monday, February 17, 2014

Fast for this area of Hualpencillo

Great to hear from Elder McAlister today.  Sounds like the finding part of the work is going a little better.  The Ward activity he mentioned last we went well, but it wasn't very magical. It's great to hear Sean ask for us to help by fasting for  fast for the area of Hualpencillo

He is heading into the last week with his Elder Coronado before transfers give him his 4th companion on his mission. He has been out over 6 months now, so he is officially a quarter through his mission.


Hola como están mi familia,

That´s is really weird when I come home the whole Stake Presidency will be different, but tell congratulations to President McFarland for me. It´s weird that I am missing the Olympics and I wish I could see them. It doesn't seem that big of an occasion here, which is sad. I’m going to need updates of this next week, because I love the Olympics. It sounded like a relaxing week for all of you, which I guess is good. I’m glad that everyone is okay and I hope that you having a good Presidents day!

This week was okay, we had a little more success than we have had in the past weeks. The activity was really fun and we had a lot of people come and turns out we have some good singers here. A lot of the songs that people sang were in English, which was ok. A lot of the people I couldn't understand, and the others were better at singing in English than people that know English. There is some pretty good talent here. Our magic was terrible, I ended up not showing any magic because all the magic I know is with coins and a lot of people have seen my tricks. My companion made up some magic tricks and they didn't work at all (HaHa). I have a video of it on my camera and it was super funny, but I think we are slowing down on the magic after that show. If Simon Cowell was there I would have been on a plane home crying. It was sad and the sad thing is all Sunday we got told by everyone that we didn't do well! We started teaching familia Burgos again and they were actually the judges in the activity. Jose the day said he was going to be bien duro con todo los personas and he had the best time of his life in every video you can hear him laugh and the whole family came. It was good idea to have them judge and now we have them coming to church with us this week, we hope!!! 

This last week was our last week that we could find a person to be baptized in this cambio, and we had two people say that they would be baptized and they would go to church with us but when we went to go get them in the morning they weren't in the house or didn't want to go which killed us. This barrio hasn't had a baptism in 7 or 8 months now, and we are the first missionary's from the mission Chile Concepcion to be in Hualpen, because before it was the Chile Concepcion South mission. So this area is new to the mission and is just an area that's having a problems finding people, and the ward is amazing and willing to help. We are not having any success, also my companion doesn't want to work with the members and that is one of the keys of our work in the field.

Today we got to play some soccer, which was super fun. My team was the winning team, and we only sat out 3 times for 2 hours which was awesome, but our team was stacked. The funny thing is we were a team that had only Gringo´s and the other teams had the Latinos, but we came out victorious. It was really fun and I scored some goals but I can start to feel that I’m getting out of shape so I’m going to start working out a little harder in the morning’s (HaHa). 

I was hoping that you guys could fast for this area of Hualpencillo, that we can have some progress and some success in this area. We have some investigators that could progress and their names are Raul and Maria, Cristofer, Fransico, family Burgos and Josue. Please pray for them that one of them will progress and go for church this week with us. Thanks!!!

Thank you for everything and I love you guys. I hope that you have a good week and that you guys have a good President’s day! Have fun watching the Olympics and have a fun and another relaxed week! Love you and thanks for the great examples that you guys are and thanks for this great blessing I have to serve the Lord!

Love you guys!!!

Elder McAlister


This week’s message shared with Sean came from President Monson, and he said: 

"Our Heavenly Father, who gives us so much to delight in, also knows that we learn and grow and become stronger as we face and survive the trials through which we must pass." 

This applies to all of us.  I told Sean I knew he is experiencing it personally with what he goes through daily on his mission, but it also applies to all those he works with and teaches. We all need to be tested, God knows what those tests should be and he gives us the trials we need to grow.  Until next week, enjoy some pictures Sean sent from his P-day today and Ward activity last week…

P-day playing soccer with the district.

P-day playing soccer with the district.

Ward activity

Ward talent show.

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