Monday, February 10, 2014

Time to Learn Some Real Magic!

Another update from Sean finds him doing well.  Still a struggle to find people to teach, but it sounds like he is working hard.

The experiences on a mission are always interesting with doing the work, going to funerals and making up magic shows for a ward activity.


Hey Everyone,

I’m sure glad to hear things from you guys and sounds like all is going well in Utah. Sabrina looks like a pro basketball player out there and I hope your team is doing better than Todd’s and Derek’s (HaHaHa), just kidding. I love the story from Jessica and Brooke leaving an old lady at the store how mean, then finding her back in the bathroom in the gym. It’s crazy that I have been out for 6 months now in 4 more weeks I have 6 months out in the field where my Spanish is pretty good. 

This last week was okay we are still having trouble finding people that want to listen to us. We can get in a house for the first visit but then the second visit they don't want to hear it no more. We think we found an older lady that was really excited to see when we yelled for her and we are sure that she will be baptized. We are hoping that we will find our golden ticket family this week and we are working hard just to find people. This has really shown me how much we need to rely on the Lord and listen to the Holy Ghost. The mission has strengthened my testimony so much and made me a different person. I think I have matured a lot too (HaHa)!

The magic has gotten to my companions head and he is always looking for new tricks. So when we are walking down the street, He tries to show me the new trick he has that doesn't work (HaHa). Now the thing that I don't want to do is this week, we have a activity! In the activity people will sing and dance and it’s like a talent show. The thing is my companion said we can do magic at the talent show. We have no big tricks, or anything, and usually there are 200 people that show up for this activity. We are having our Bishop look up tricks that we can do for the activity. I can just see Simon Cowell sitting in the judgment seat just shaking his head in disappointment (HaHa). I guess you guys will find out next week how it goes. Probably will go on the news on channel 4 "2 Mormon Missionary's thinking they can do magic fail terribly" (HaHa). I guess with faith and hope that we can do some magic for a lot of people. 

We also had a funeral this last week, an older lady had cancer in our Ward and passed away! We went and gave a message at the viewing and then we went to the cemetery which was just different. They have this cemetery that has great big walls around it and then there are mini houses for some of the people that passed away. They have these ones that you shove the casket in this blocked area and they seal it. But you guys can just Google search cemeteries in Chile and that's what they look like. I also decided that I don't like funerals they are just sad and I don't like them!

Nothing much else happened this week! We search and search and are still searching for investigators. There is something that Heavenly Father really wants us to learn in this time, which I am searching for every day. The Spanish is coming along and it’s amazing how much I know of a language in just 5 months of being in a different country. I do want to thank you guys for the package, it has been very helpful. I loved the pistachios, but I did have problems with fiber this week. When I saw them I opened them up and ate a lot, and then I saw the letter that said don't eat too much pistachios. I had way too much fiber this week and almost died (HaHa). 

Thank you guys for all that you have done for me, I absolutely love the mission, it’s crazy how much I can learn in a day, and it’s crazy how fast it flies by! I love you guys and I hope that you have a good week. 

Love you guys!!!

Elder McAlister

P.S. I will enjoy the pudding this week!


The thought shared with Sean this week came from his mom, and was given by M Russell Ballard:

"As we think about the future, we should be filled with faith and hope. Always remember that Jesus Christ-the Creator of the universe, the architect of our salvation, and the head of this Church- is in control. He will not permit His work to fail. He will be victorious over all darkness and evil.  And He invites us all, members of His Church and others who are the honest in heart, to join in the battle for the souls of God's children. Along with all else we will do in life, we must also dedicate and consecrate our heart, might, mind, and strength to His cause, walking in faith and working with conviction. As the Prophet Joseph Smith declared: "No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing; persecutions many rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble, calumny may defame, but the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent, till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear, till the purposes of God shall be accomplished, and the Great Jehovah shall say the work is done." 

As the gospel is carried to billions of spiritually hungry souls, miracles will be performed by the hand of the Lord. Missionaries of many nationalities will serve the Lord throughout the earth. 

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