Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New District Leader in Chiguayante

Okay I thought I had already post Sean’s update this week, but to my surprise I had done no such thing, Sorry for the late posting, but Elder McAlister has some big news in his email this week.


¡¿Hola como están?

That’s pretty crazy all that is going on and I am happy to hear that Brooke and Todd could move without problems. I want to see pictures of your new apartment.  It’s awesome to here that school is starting back up and I am sure Mom and Sabrina are excited for that. Mom are you still working in the office, or in a different part of the school. I am glad to hear that Dad is working hard to recover and that he is progressing. Wants new in the life of Jessica I am hoping everyone is doing well with their health and I am really happy to hear from you guys. 

Something happen yesterday that was kind of crazy! So I was giving Elder Hoopes my numbers for the week and how my week was and it was just a normal Sunday. President ended up calling Elder Hoopes and so I told the other Elder McAllister that he was getting called as a Zone Leader. Then Elder Hoopes said "yeah president he is here", then he gave me the phone. Last night I was called to be a District Leader in the Chiguayante zone. I was so nervous after the phone call and I was just thinking what are my new responsible are. I am excited to be able to serve more missionaries and I’m hoping I will do well. 

This morning we found out who was leaving and who was staying. I knew that I was staying because President called me and told me. But we are all staying the same and it pretty cool. So another 6 more weeks with the same Elders and I was happy with that. I will have another 6 weeks with Elder Letelier and I know that we will do great. As the time goes on, we are starting to work better and better. I am hoping we can have a great 6 weeks with a lot of success. I am really happy that I will be here for a little bit longer and serve the people in Chigauyante. I am really loving this ward and I have seen that they have the desire to work hard with us in the mission.  

We have been working really hard and I think that we will be having some success soon. We have been working really hard with a new investigator that wants to be baptized and we also have a lot of funny stories from our lessons with him. We also have found a guy that loves to talk to us. We found him in this last week and he loved what we talked about. His name is Sebastian and he is doing awesome and I hope that he will continue learning with us. We are still working with Bastion, who is ten years old, and we just reactivated his Dad. So now we are hoping that his dad can baptize him. We also have more, but they are doing the best in this moment. 

I really can’t understand how the time is flying by so fast!!!!

I hope that you have a great week and I want you guys to know that I love you guys. I can’t wait to hear from you guys. I am really short on time and I hope to hear how everyone is doing. I love you guys a ton and I miss every single one of you.

Elder McAlister


This week’s thought I shared with Sean came from President Monson in his April Conference talk "Be Strong and of a Good Courage". He said:

"Decisions are constantly before us which can determine our destiny. In order for us to make the correct decisions, courage is needed—the courage to say no when we should, the courage to say yes when that is appropriate, the courage to do the right thing because it is right."

This really is a very simple statement, but not so easy to live our lives that way.  Are we always in a place in our testimony, gospel knowledge and righteousness to be ready to say "no" or "yes" or chose the right.  We never know when those important moments of our lives might be, so we need to always be ready.

Be safe this week everyone, and enjoy this week’s pictures from Chile…

Sean and Elder Catron from Argentina from Dereks mission!

The Chiguayante District 
Elder Mitton aand Elder McAlister, both from Pleasant Grove Utah and PG Vikings

Kids will play if there are toys.

The four Elder who currently live in Sean's house.

Yeah...no idea what's going on here.

Elder McAlister and his first companion Elder Donoso at a recent Zone Conference.

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