Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Missed Halloween, but glad to be serving.

Elder McAlister is learning and growing so much on his mission.  He is learning that not all experiences are fun, but there is something to learn in every situation. Happy they have been able to find some new people to teach this last week, and share the gospel message with.


Hey everyone,

Hey everyone I am glad to hear from you guys and I am happy that everyone is okay and doing well. Glad to hear that some of you guys had a good Halloween. Sabrina and mom are looking great in your costumes and I hope Sabrina had fun trick or treating. Did you get a lot of candy? Mom I hope the inserts will help your feet out and that’s kind of a bummer. Brooke how is Oklahoma? Are you guys in the city or on the outskirts of the city. I want to visit Oklahoma one day and see the Thunder play! Jessica how are you guys doing and are you guys still living in the same house and everything? Dad thanks for the spiritual thought I really liked it. Mom I loved your costume and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

This cambio has been very hard for me but it is amazing how much I have learned in this time. I have really found weak points in myself and I have been able to focus on them with my companion. I am changing little by little and it’s really helping me out as a person. I have learned that I really need to strengthen my patience and my love and my temper. I am really growing from this companionship even though it has been really hard I am looking for the good that is coming out of it. I really can see how God puts us with companions to helps us grow and all the experience that I am learning I will be able to use it in my life later on. God lets us be tried to let us fall and we can learn how to get up ourselves, but we always have his help. But I am doing really great!  

This week we spent a ton of time talking to people in the street and knocking on doors so that we can find and we found a few people. We are really focused on Gonzalo and we are hoping he can progress well. He has a ton of questions all the time, he is doing really well and I am happy that we are working with him. Also we are working with the family Gasparini again and they have lost a lot of faith so we are looking to help them out big time. We also are working with Marcela that we found this last week and her family is almost all active members and before she didn't want to talk to us and now she does and she is very good with the bible. Please pray for them and I hope that they can find the truth in our message! 

Halloween was just a normal day because this holiday is not that big here in Chile. There were still some kids dressed up but it’s still not like the United States where everyone is really dressed up and having fun. A lot of people throw eggs at houses and it’s a big mess. I really miss carving pumpkins, watching Charlie Brown, pumpkin pie and the Halloween dinner with the family. So I still remember the family traditions and I want to do them. There was a few more kids dressed up in the rich sector and on the other side there was nothing. One day Halloween will get really big here! We ate some gold fish this day and it was the craziest day ever! I miss Gold fish

I love you a ton and I hope that you have a great week. You guys are always in my prayers and in my thoughts. I really can’t believe how fast this year went by. In two months I get to talk to you guys! Crazy!!! I love you and take care and I can’t wait to hear from you next week!

Elder McAlister


Spiritual thought time!  This week what I shared with Sean came from two different October conference talks, about prophets.  First, Elder Henry B. Eyring, in his talk "Continuing Revelation" he said:

"Don’t take lightly the feeling you get of love for the prophet of God. … That is far more than hero worship or the feelings we sometimes have of admiring heroic figures. It is a gift from God. With it you will receive more easily the gift of confirming revelation when he speaks in his office as the Lord’s prophet. The love you feel is the love the Lord has for whoever is His spokesman."

Then, Elder Russell M. Nelson, in his talk "Sustaining the Prophets" said:

"Our sustaining of prophets is a personal commitment that we will do our utmost to uphold their prophetic priorities. Our sustaining is an oath-like indication that we recognize their calling as a prophet to be legitimate and binding upon us."

I've been thinking a lot about the prophets a lately, and how important it is that we have one on the earth for us today. We are so lucky God loves us enough to give us President Monson to lead and guide us.

Here are two pictures from this week, one of the Gold fish he had, not sure about the other one…

Yummy Gold Fish!

Not sure why he sent this picture.

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