Monday, November 24, 2014

First week in the new sector

Sounds like things are going well in the new area, and with his new companion Elder Mills.  He is in a much more populated area, and near two different colleges. In his new apartment, he is living with another Elder who he went to school with in Pleasant Grove, Elder Mitton, and it sounds like it is one of the better apartments for a missionary.  He didn’t have much time to write today, but enjoy what he was able to share.


Hey guys,

I am glad to hear from you guys and I am doing great. Transfers went great last week, and I am happy with were I am. I hope that everything is going well for you guys. I am glad to hear that you guys are all doing well in health and that you guys are having fun. I really am loving the mission and I am happy with what I am doing! Love each and every single one of you guys!

Well I can say it is very weird to have a companion from the States! Elder Mills is really awesome and we are getting along just fine. It’s kind of a crazy sector, and there are a ton of people in my sector and a ton of movement. It has been going great, we had a really good week and I really like it here in Concepcion. There are two colleges in our sector, and if makes me feel like I am in college (HaHa). It’s weird talking and teaching people that are the same age as you. I have been trying to learn the sector and to know all the members. It’s kind of different ward here because half of them are not even from Chile! The ward is pretty small, but we do have a ton of visitors that come to church here. My sector is in the middle of Concepcion pretty much. There are a ton of apartment buildings and stores, then there is a sector, or a little pueblo, that is in our sector and it has so many stairs that you have to climb up forever and it’s a very interesting sector.

When I changed sectors I moved into an apartment building, and we were on the 2 floor. Friday we ended up changing our house again and now we are living with the assistants and the office Elders. The house is really nice and it turns out that we are on the twelfth floor and we have an awesome view. Also, we have carpet!!! That is the best thing in the world for me. This house is the best house that I have seen in the mission and I love it so much. I am living with some good friends that I have made in the mission. I am also living with Elder Mitton from PG. I am really liking the house and it’s great. 

Well I can tell you guys when I got here in this sector, it was kind of dead, or in other words there is not that many investigators. Elder Mills and I went and worked hard and found some new people and it was awesome! If you guys can pray for family Thomas they are a family that we are teaching and they are reading the book of Mormon right now and they are liking it. They have never been invited to go to church, so we are going to do that. Also if you can pray for Alejandra and Catalina! They are new investigators that we found in the last week and they are college students and they are awesome. All we need to do this week is focus on finding and help the less actives in the ward. But if you guys can pray for our sector that would be great. Thanks!!!

Well my companion Elder Bravo ended up going home and it was the day after cambios. He found out that he was leaving Monday night and he left on Wednesday. It was really sad and I hope that he is doing okay.

Thank you so much for everything that you guys do for me and thank you for the letters. I did get my package and I will open it later. Thank you for your support and I hope that you guys have a great Thanksgiving. I love you guys and I hope that you are have a great week. Can’t wait to hear from you next week. 

Love you guys!
Elder McAlister     


Spiritual thought time! President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, in his talk "Receiving a Testimony of Light and Truth" in October 2014 General Conference said:
"Let us acknowledge that most often gaining a testimony is not a task of a minute, an hour, or a day. It is not once and done. The process of gathering spiritual light is the quest of a lifetime. Your testimony of the living Son of God and His restored Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, may not come as quickly as you desire, but I promise you this: if you do your part, it will come. And it will be glorious."

What a great quote and so important to remember.  We all learn step by step, precept upon precept.  Whether we are longtime members, or new investigators to the church.  It can be frustrating for missionaries sometimes when investigators gain testimony slowly, but that is how things work, we all learn and progress at our own speed. Sometimes we just need to be patient with ourselves and others.

Until next week be safe and enjoy these pictures from Chile, which didn’t have much in the way of descriptions….

With a family in Chiguayante.

With an investigator in Chiguayante.

With a family in Chiguayante.

With a family in Chiguayante.

The four Elders from Chiguayante.

They bought sushi!

View from the new apartment in Concepcion

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