Monday, May 4, 2015

Killing his companion?? (just read the email)

Elder McAlister is staying put in Chillan for another transfer, and he will be with Elder Cortez for the next 6 weeks when, Elder Cortez returns home.

Sounds like he is doing well, and is looking forward to being able to Skype home on Mother's Day, which we look forward to as well.
I am happy to hear everyone is doing okay! I am doing really good. I hope everyone is excited for Mother’s Day and Mom happy Mother’s Day. When is the first game of Sabrina for softball?? 

To start off, we had our cambios and Elder Cortez and I are.... staying together for 1 last cambio, so i am going to kill as we say in the mission. To kill someone in the mission is to be their last comp! This is his last cambio and I will be his last companion! Crazy to think, but he is the third comp that I have killed! It’s really weird to think because after this cambio it’s my last cambio and then I am dead. Haha the time is really flying by and this last cambio was by far the fastest cambio I have had in my mission! But the house change up. We will be getting a new gringo and a Colombian. So tomorrow we will have a new start and with new Elders in the house!

This week was very interesting, we ended up having a weird week! To start off it rained a lot on viernes (Friday) and I got soaked and my shoes are stilling drying because the air is very humid and very cold, so they take forever to dry! Also with Leandro, Caty and Hector we had a really good lesson with them on martes (Tuesday) but during that lesson we discovered that they are not reading or praying. So we passed by their house on viernes and Hectors wife was there. We taught them about reading and praying about the things we are sharing with them. Then the wife of Hector started to attack and saying our church was not true and trying to prove us false. We just sat there and let her finish, then we testified about reading and praying to God because man lies and attacks one another. After that, her family was embarrassed and she looked like she felt dumb to attack us. It was kind of a step back for the family, and we will see what happens tonight with them.
We are still really focused on finding, which has been a weakness for us and I really hope that we can find some good new investigators. Also we are working with Patricia and her son Alexander! We are going to visit them tomorrow and we are going to meet her husband. So please pray for them that they can feel the spirit.

Dad, in the sports update that you gave me, I see that there is a new team, or a team that I don’t remember which is Brooklyn? How long has that team been in the NBA? Also, looks like the Steelers got some nice picks and I hope it’s what they needed

We walked into church on Sunday in the morning and we found a guy sleeping on the bench inside the front doors. So we walk in and we go talk to some people and this guy is still here and a little more time passes and we try to wake him up. He turns out to be very drunk and just left him there. After church, after three hours, we had to pick him up and take him out which doesn’t make the missionaries look so good carrying people out of the church completely drunk! But it was really funny and the guy was so confused what was happening!

Mother Day!!! Already! HaHa I’m just kidding! We get to Skype with you guys Sunday around 7 o’clock my time. So I think 4 o’clock your time. I really hope all goes well because I am in a sector that is more country.
I can’t wait to talk to you on Sunday, love you guys a ton and I hope that you have a good week until I see you guys. Love you a ton and stay safe.

Love you guys!

Elder McAlister


  Spiritual thought time! This weeks comes from Elder Kevin W. Pearson talk "Stay By The Tree" from April 2015 General Conference, talking about the tests of this life and the Book of Mormon.  He said:

 "Life’s journey is challenging. It’s easy to be distracted, wander off the path, and get lost. Tribulation is an inevitable and indispensable part of our eternal progression. When adversity comes, don’t let something you don’t fully understand unravel everything you do know. Be patient, cling to truth; understanding will come. Trials are like great mists of darkness that can blind our eyes and harden our hearts. Unless we are “continually holding fast” to the word of God and living it, we will become spiritually blinded rather than spiritually minded. Search the Book of Mormon and the words of the living prophets every day, every day, every day! It’s the key to spiritual survival and avoiding deception. Without it, we are spiritually lost."

His description of how life's trials can be is so true, and how we must not let ourselves to become distracted and wander off the path.  The Book of Mormon is such a great map to help keep us on the path, or help us get back on it if we have strayed off.  

Elder McAlister sent a few interesting pictures this week, so enjoy them until the next update for Chile, and we will have talked to him by then...

Looks like the makeshift closet didn't work out too well.  Can't tell who is at the bottom of that pile of clothes.

Not sure what to say about this one.... ;-)

Waffles, chocolate and ice cream, can't go wrong with this treat.

Someone is enjoying his treat!

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