Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Email from Sean

Sean made it safely to the Mexico MTC.  He was able to send the quick email below to let us know he arrived safely.  If you want to write an email to him, his email address is


Subject: Made it to the Mexico MTC

Hey guys I made it to the Mexico MTC today around 5:30. The flight out was awesome, all of the Elders and I got to know each other fast. 

I have to say the Mexico was not what I was expecting! Just driving on the highway was crazy. The cars were driving like crazy and everyone drives really close to each other. I'm amazed how bad their house´s are, they are half built or just destroyed.

Now that I got my name tag, I feel like a real missionary. I also got my first companion, his name is Elder Walker, but I still haven't met him. I think it's still weird because everyone is talking Spanish all the time and I cant understand them. But I'll pick up the language soon.

I want you guys to know I love you and I miss you.


    Elder McAlister


This is the Mexico MTC where Sean is for the next 6 weeks:

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