Tuesday, August 27, 2013

MTC Week Two

Heard from Sean today, which really makes my day!  Below is general email to the family.  He has other section specifically answering email from each family member I don't include.  After the email are some pictures he sent today, and a few I added from other sources.

A few things I take from his email this week.

  • He is starting to get lost in the work, and that is why he is less home sick.
  • He is receiving great opportunities to serve others, and is gaining some great experience working with the MTC President concerning his district.
  • Our utility bills will be much cheaper with Sean gone...you'll understand when you read his email.
  • Two weeks in and he has already request his first care package, some things don't change :-), and yes we will send it to him.
  • Now that he is separated from us, Sean is gaining a deeper love for his family.
  • He is a great young man and his dad misses him.
Last thing, I thought I would add some of the scripture references family members sent him last week, as they may be helpful to you too (whomever is reading this).
  • 2 Nephi 22:2
  • Jacob 6:5
  • Mosiah 2:41
  • Mosiah 5:15
Till next week...


Hey Everyone,

This week has been so much better! It kind of flew by without me even knowing. My Spanish is getting better all the time, and I’m starting to understand it. It’s still hard, but it’s starting to make sense. I still don't like waking up at 6:30 in the morning, but I can deal with it for now. Also, just to let Mom and Dad know my showers are really short now! (Haha)  The Mexico MTC isn't that bad.

I almost had two Elders go home this week, they were supposed to leave this Tuesday but they are staying for right now. Elder Barnes was one of the Elders that almost went home, which was really scary but I prayed my heart out. But when he left El Presidente´s office, and we listened to a talk by Elder Holland which made him change his mind. So I discovered that I am losing myself in the Lords work by helping the others out.

Also this week I haven't been home sick, it’s been super fun. I really can’t wait to go out to the field, but I'm going to miss the MTC. Our district has gotten really close to each other. We now have two teachers’, Hermano Silva and Hermano Rogers. They are probably the best teachers ever! Me and El Presidente Pratt have gotten really close and to know each other. They even invited my district over just to have brownies at their casa. They said it was because I was one of the best district leaders they knew that really cared for everyone in their district.

The food here is killing everyone which hasn't been fun. They also barely feed us it seems like, but we get to eat a lot of fruit loops and frosted flakes, but they are not so great anymore (Haha). We got two new investigators, and we already taught one which went really well. I was able to talk for about half of the lesson.

I think it’s great to hear that everyone is leaving (missionary friends back home), and I hope they do well. This last week me and Elder Barnes were walking to our casa after we played some basketball and there were two gun shots and screaming right outside the walls. It was kind of scary because our house is right next to the wall, but to make it sound better there was also a party right outside the wall and the music played all night. We said it was cool because there was pretty much a carnival in our back yard.

The other elders in our casa leave next week, which is going to be weird because we won’t be the new guys anymore. I want you to know Sundays and P-days are the best days so far. On Sunday we get to watch church movies, which is the best part of the day. It has rained the last few days really hard, so I'm glad I brought my umbrella.

I want to thank you guys for all your support and prayers. I want you to know though I'm not feeling home sick I still miss you guys. I love you guys so much and thanks for helping me with my mission. I love you guys. You´re the best family someone could ask for!!!

Elder McAlister


Elder McAlister in front of the Mexico MTC (I put an aerial view picture of the MTC in the Mission Maps section of this blog if you want to get a feel for what the Mexico MTC campus looks like) :

MTC companions Elder Barnes (from Idaho) and Elder McAlister:

Elder McAlister and his MTC district at the Mexico City Temple.  It looks like there are at least three Elders in the picture we met at the Salt Lake City airport the day Sean left:

Random picture of the MTC campus, Sean provided no description with the picture:

Sean mentions El Presidente Pratt in his email.  President Pratt is the Mexico MTC President, and below is a picture of President Pratt and his wife:

Finally Sean mentioned that that it was great that his friends were leaving soon on their missions.  Below is Sean's good friend Tanner Beckstrand at his farewell get together with a message for Elder McAlister.  Tanner is leaving for his mission to Singapore tomorrow, and his other good friend Evan Spencer is leaving next week to Tallahassee Florida. It's amazing to see these strong young men so willing to serve. 

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