Monday, June 30, 2014

How not to do an English class!

As always it’s great to hear from Elder McAlister.  The story of Juan is so great to hear that someone has found the plan of Salvation at such a difficult time of their life. 

There is a pretty funny story about their English class. Enjoy…


Hey Everyone,

I´m glad to hear from everyone and I’m glad that everyone is doing great. I need to say that the front porch looks really good! I really liked Derek´s three rules in the mission and I think I’m doing pretty good with them. Looks like the rest of you guys are doing great!  

This last week was really good! We had our ups and downs, but we were able to work really good this week. This last Wednesday we started a class of English and it is in the church. So we got there early and prepared our class and how we were going to teach it. Then 6:30 came around and we waited a little bit longer, then 6:50 passed by and we couldn't figure out why no one was coming to our class. So we sat there thinking why nobody came to a free English class! That´s when we realized we made the advertisements, but we forgot to put them up!!! So we walked out of the church like nothing happened and we felt really dumb about what happened! Now it is really funny to us. 

The World Cup has been crazy down here and I found out that I’m addicted to fútbol. I have really loved this sport and when I heard Chile lost I think I was sadder then the Chileans here. We were in our house from 11:20 until 3:30 so it wasn't too crazy. Chile took the lost okay and everyone had their heads up high still. We actually bought a soccer ball and started playing during the exercise time in the morning. The only bad thing about this is that it is cold in the morning. It has been crazy down here every time Chile scores a goal everyone leaves there houses and screams and blows horns or just make noises, I love it. When we are walking in the street we can see that everyone is watching highlights of the World Cup or watching the games. I´m pretty sad that Chile lost, but I am still cheering for the Red, White, and Blue! Let’s go USA!!!

Well this last week we had really good progress with our new little friend from up. Juan has been doing amazing and I am hoping that he can get baptized before I go. This last Domingo we weren't able to find a ride for him to go to the church because he can’t walk very far. So we went and passed by his house to tell him that we couldn’t find a ride and he said that he could walk to the bus and go to church and I was so happy that he could go. We are going to pass by Mario´s house today and we going to see how he is doing. Alejandra and Luis found work this week and Luis is working in the north! So he is there for 14 days and then he is here for 7 days. So we were not able to see them this week. Which made thing a little harder for us. 

We are doing really great and I am really happy were I am. I really feel like I have changed a lot and it has helped me become a better person. I want to thank you guys for everything and I love you very much. I miss you and you guys are the best examples and the best help I have had in my life. I can’t wait to write you guys next week and to hear more from you. 

Love you guys!!!

Elder McAlister


The spiritual thought I shared with Sean this week comes from himElder L. Tom Perry in a talk called "Missionary Work in the Digital Age".  I thought these three quotes from that talk would great for him to share with the members he is working with to hasten the missionary work in Hualpen.

    "The greatest responsibility any of us has, no matter our calling or station in the Church, is to preach the gospel. This is as true today as it was in Joseph Smith’s day or in any other dispensation of time."

    "Brothers and sisters, if our greatest and most important duty is to preach the gospel, as the Prophet Joseph Smith stated, then our purpose is clear: by virtue of our membership in His Church, each of us is called and commissioned to 'invite others to come unto Christ.'"

    "It is time for us to understand that we—the neighbors, friends, and family of less-active members and nonmembers—are ideally situated to offer an invitation with the proper love and consideration that the one we invite deserves. We hope the invitation will be accepted, but if it is not, we should continue to demonstrate friendship and Christlike love so that the one we invited knows that the relationship we had nurtured and cultivated was not simply a means to an end but a lasting and true friendship."

Sean has mentioned trying to get the members more involved in many of his emails, and Elder Perry really gives a strong message for those who have the gift of the gospel and should share that great gift with others.

Until next week enjoy a few pictures from Chile! (and for those US World Cup fans..I believe we will win!!)

Winter in Chile.

Not sure what this picture is about.

Behind their house.

Tasty dinner!

Elder McAlister

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