Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is hitting??

We got to hear from our missionary today, and he sounds like he is doing great.  The weather sounds to be challenging for missionaries, but he is getting through it with a great attitude.  He got his birthday package, and seems pretty excited about it.

The old man story sounds very interesting, and there a lots of pictures this week.


Best family in the world,

I am so glad to have you guys as my family! I got my package today and I opened it and it was awesome. I am so thankful for everything that you guys sent me and I will be enjoying it over the next few weeks. I love you guys so much and it really does a lot for me. I loved the pictures and the letters that you guys gave me and the picture of Jesus will be going on our wall. I'm sure I will get sick from all the treats but it’s totally worth it. 

I’m glad to hear that you guys are doing okay and that summer is going well for you guys. Also, first off happy anniversary this Thursday for Mom and Dad, you guys are the best parents in the world!!! Congrats to Todd for doing well on his test and for Brooke getting a job!;) Sabrina sounds like she is doing awesome in softball.  

This week was pretty good, we had to give Mario another date for his baptism. So we are looking at the 21 of June and we are sticking with this date for his baptism. Alejandra and Luis are coming to church every week and she is working on her divorce papers so that they can get married, they are going to be future members of the Church of Jesus Christ. Right now we are also looking for more investigators, which is really hard for us to do. Everyone here in Hualpen I have talked to before, and now I just getting old for them (HaHa). We are happy and working very hard and having a good time. Elder Castro is starting to really open up and talk more.

I can tell you guys I miss the snow or the sun shine. It has been raining in Hualpencillo a ton and there are little lakes that are starting to build up. It’s pretty cold here and it is always windy and the wind is really cold. I am really glad for the rain gear and the boots that I have or else I would be wet every night! 

Today when we were in Concepción we were walking and this old guy starts yelling at me and starts hitting me in the arm and chest! So we kept on walking and he is behind us yelling at us. He ends up following us for about ten minutes until we lost him by walking away faster than he could walk. He didn't hit me hard because he was really old but I wasn't ready for him to hit me, so I was kind of shocked! It was pretty funny after he stopped following us!

This week I would like it if you guys could study the atonement at least one day this week and I’m going to do it to! Then next time we send emails we can share what we learned! It is going to be awesome.

Thank you guys for everything and I love you guys! Thank you very much for the presents and the pictures. I hope you guys have a good week and I love you guys very much!

Les quiero 

Elder McAlister


The spiritual thought I shared with Sean this week came from General Conference, April 2014, Jeffrey R. Holland gave a talk in the Saturday morning session called "The Cost—and Blessings—of Discipleship" (well worth reading).  In the talk he said:

"You may wonder if it is worth it to take a courageous moral stand in high school or to go on a mission only to have your most cherished beliefs reviled or to strive against much in society that sometimes ridicules a life of religious devotion. Yes, it is worth it, because the alternative is to have our “houses” left unto us “desolate”—desolate individuals, desolate families, desolate neighborhoods, and desolate nations."

What a great message, and to know Sean currently taking a courageous moral stand in his missionary service. We all are faced with issues through our lives when we need to stand up for our beliefs, and sometimes it’s not easy. Sean is building up his strength now to withstand those situations when they arise.

Have a great week everyone, and enjoy some pictures from Chile…

P-Day basketball with the zone

Not sure what's happening here...

Worst photo bomb ever?

Nerf wars!

Chilean pancakes.

We made some Chilean pancakes this week and we didn't do very well!


This is a new fruit for you guys! its name is kaki and its really good! You cut out the little black point on the top and you suck all the juice and stuff from the inside and its really good!

The dog seems to like having its head scratched.

Elder Castro in rain gear.

Glad to have rain gear to stay as dry as possible.

This is how much rain they are getting now!

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