Tuesday, September 10, 2013

MTC Week Four

We just received our weekly email from Sean.  Again it sounds like he is doing well.  He had two interesting experiences this last week you can read about in his email, and it give us some insight on why the couple missionaries, who sent us pictures last week, were taking pictures of Sean and his companion.

Below is a great thought sent to Sean by him Mom this week:

President Packer. He said, "We are not obedient because we are blind, we are obedient because we can see." Obedience to the gospel principles brings joy and happiness into our lives. We have freedom, peace and safety in our personal life when we are obedient to the Lord's commandments. I have always found D&C 20: 21-25 to be an interesting and insightful scripture. The Son of Man-the Only Begotten Son, came to earth and suffered all kinds of temptations, but gave NO heed. Christ knew of the goodness of His Father in Heaven. He had perfect faith and knowledge in His Father in Heavens plan. And if Jesus Christ gave no heed to temptation, what kind of hope should that give us of the eternities? Does that give us more hope in our everyday life that we can carry on and push through and endure knowing that this earthly life is temporary and there are great things ahead for us in the eternities? Do we want to share what we know with those we love and with our fellow man?


Hey Everyone

I'm sorry to hear about the rain storm and what it did to our house. Dad I hope you get better from your back injury, because that doesn't sound fun at all.

So this last week went by super fast. Now we have only two weeks which is really weird to think about. This week I went to the hospital to get my wrist checked out and it turns out I cracked my wrist bone and have a little bit of internal bleeding. But don't worry, it’s not that bad. I was playing basketball and I fell back and tried to catch myself with my left hand. I went a day with it so it’s not that bad.

We got to go outside the MTC to go to the hospital and get an x-ray, which was weird. But on our way back the driver took us for some real Mexican tacos and they were amazing. I had around 7 of them, and they were so good. I would rather eat those then what I eat in the MTC, which half the time I'm not really sure what I am eating. It was so much better to be out in the streets than it was to be stuck in the MTC doing the same thing every day. So to be honest, I was kind of happy that I cracked my wrist.

Well it has been really rainy here also, the funny thing is the city has been flooding here also, but not that bad in the MTC. Right now we haven't really seen the sun forever. The district is doing really well and we are working hard. This district is like a family to me. So far we put Elder Snyder's companion with Elder Brand and Elder smith. The first little while it was really hard for the district to see Elder Snyder go home, but now we are doing great and we all hope he comes back out.

The Jones who sent you guys the photos, made a story about me and Elder Barnes which is awesome. The story is about how Elder Barnes almost went home and my side of the story. We were also told that the story is this MTC’s motivational story for the whole MTC, and the story will be shared with the 12 Apostles and the Prophet. We are hoping the story makes General Conference which would be awesome. They said they would send a copy of the story to you guys and give one copy to us.

This week I took some money out with my debit card and I bought some handmade Scripture cases which we will get on the 20th of September. They are some of the coolest cases I've ever seen. On my bible I got a picture of Jesus, a scripture in Spanish, my name and my mission. On my Book of Mormon I got a picture of Joseph Smith, a different scripture and my name and my mission. I will have to send some pictures of them when I get them.

My companion and I have been teaching really good lessons to our investigators who are really our teachers. I'm not really sure if I told that to you guys. The Spanish is coming along; it’s okay but not amazing. Our gospel classes are amazing; I love those classes the most. Also, this week we haven't really heard any gun shots, or sirens, which was really nice not to hear. Although Sunday during sacrament it was like a war was happening, there were so many gun shots and sirens. So next week I get to talk on the Law of Chastity which should be really fun to talk about during Sacrament.

The food hear isn't getting better and we are really not sure what we are eating, and the drinks are really weird. It’s the portions that they give out that are killing me. They give us no food really, but I will survive I think. It’s been pretty much the same thing every day: study, get taught, eat food and repeat 3 times a day. Oh on Sunday we watched the Legacy which was good but kind of weird. The days here seem really short and are going by fast. Spanish is starting to come easier to me, which is such a great feeling.

I want to thank you guys for all your support and all that you guys have done for me. It’s weird to think that I have already been out for a month. I love each and every one of you guys. You’re still the best family!

I love you Mom, Dad, Jessica & Derek, Brooke & Todd, Sabrina and Tillie also!

Love Elder McAlister


No new pictures this week from Sean, so until we hear from him again, have a great week!

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