Monday, October 28, 2013

Shot in the butt! (with a needle ;-))

Could just be me, but Sean sounds a little down this week with losing investigators and being sick, but still has a great attitude.  Sounds like he was pretty sick, but is on the mend now.

Hope all goes well with Sara Flores this week as she prepares for her baptism, I know it will be a big lift for Sean and Elder Donoso.  It will be interesting to see if Sean or Elder Donoso are transferred next Monday, I hope they get another month together.

Still no pictures from Chile, but he should have his package this week with his SD card reader.

Here's Sean's email this week:

Hola Everyone,

Hey everyone thanks for the pictures, it was nice to see all of your faces and to see that you guys are doing okay and having fun. The Sundance ride sounds like a lot of fun and Sabrina sounds like she didn't get too scared. It sounds like Halloween is going to be super fun and carving pumpkins looks like a lot of fun. Now I want to carve a pumpkin. I want to know who has the best looking pumpkin, and Brooke, Todd, Jessica and Derek's pumpkins all look great.

Halloween doesn't look like it’s that big down here and only some people dress up. To my understanding we have to buy candy so kids won’t throw eggs at us, or our house, so that's something new to me. But not as big, or fun, as it was in the states. Every time I ask someone about Halloween they tell me they don't really like it. I just guess I will find out on Thursday for myself. Sabrina I can’t wait to see you in your costume and have fun trick or treating. But don't eat too much candy!

This week was pretty good, I got really sick and ended up getting some shot in my butt, and yes I have pictures of that (HaHa). I had to stay in the house on Friday because of it. I had a really high fever, strep throat, none stop coughing and my throat was really swollen. Now I’m doing much better I have a pretty bad cough still but I’m okay.  

We still have the baptism this week, and the interviews are tomorrow for it, so we will find out tomorrow if she can be baptized. Margarita is done with us so we can’t teach her anymore. A lot of our investigators are dying, oh dying is when they won’t talk to us, or they don't want to see us anymore. Right now we have a different investigator that we might baptize later in the month of November. But we have no other real investigators progressing right now. So we are going to be searching and working with a lot of less active people.

I had another mini cambio this week with an Elder Hoopes. This one was because Elder Hoopes and Elder Flores are going to have a baptism, and Elder Donoso is the District leader, so he does the interview. Elder Hoopes is from Sandy and so we are pretty good friends now. The cool thing is he likes basketball and football a lot. That's what we talked about most of the day. It was really fun to work with another American (HaHa). 

Nothing much really happen this week I realized, other than being sick and most people skipping our lessons. This week was pretty hard you could say. I forgot to tell you guys that we are in the farthest mission away from Concepcion. So that's probably why the packages take a little longer to get here. Some other fun facts we are also in probably one of the nicest areas I was told, and I’m in the nicest house out of the entire mission so yeah for me! 

This next Monday we have a cambio (change) where I find out if I stay here or move to a different area. Also I get to find out if I get a new companion. We get that call nice and early in the morning next Monday and then I get to tell you guys what is going on.

Happy Birthday Mom, I Hope you have a great day on Sunday. I probably can send you some pictures next week because I get my package tomorrow, I’m pretty sure. I still want to wish you a happy birthday and hope you do something fun. I would love you give you and hug and tell you happy birthday. But I can’t so I love you and have a Great B-day!!!

Thanks for everything that you guys do and the love and support that you guys show me. I love reading your emails and seeing pictures of you guys. Try to have a safe and fun Halloween and don't eat too much candy! Have a real good week and I will write you guys next week. I love you guys and have a fun week!!!

Elder McAlister


I will share again the thought I had for Sean this week, and when I read it, I thought not only does it apply to his missionary service, but something we should all consider. It comes from Grant Von Harrison in his book "Drawing on the Powers of Heaven".  He said "Unless you exercise sufficient faith, you deny the Lord the opportunity to help you in the course of your daily life."

Until your back to read the next adventure from Elder McAlister...have a great week and a Happy Halloween!

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