Monday, November 25, 2013

Trip to Concepcion

Here is Sean's email this week.  Sounds like he had a great week, and the change up of going to Concepcion was a good experience. He finally received our package after so many weeks of waiting for it to arrived (hope the Christmas one gets there faster). He sent 9 new pictures, and it is great to see him looking so well. The pictures are posted after his email.

Unfortunately, Elder Donoso had a dog attack this last week while they were on their exchanges, and is now facing a round of shots, he is in prayers.


Hey Everyone,

Guess what, I received my package this week which was awesome. So thank you for all the candy and the pictures and the SD card reader. I am going to send pictures today. It sounds like Thanksgiving should be good this year. I have totally forgotten about Thanksgiving. It sounds like some of you guys had an exciting week!

This week was really good, I went to Concepcion this week for three days. The reason why is we had a conference for the new missionary's. It was a really good conference and we got to do some mini cambios while I was there. The conference was really good, we learned what we should do in our area books, and how to find new investigators. I have a few pictures of where I worked in Concepcion and it’s an amazing city. A lot of the houses I can’t stand straight up in because the people in this country are very short and so their houses are small. Then there is me being a giant in this country. Our mini cambio went really good, I worked with an Elder Naranjo who is Chilean and a super hard worker. He walked faster than most people could run, which was ridiculous. We worked with some less active people and some investigators. The super fun part of the night was we had a noche de hogar and that was a lot of fun. The members made so much food for it though. We taught them about the temple. I really hope I get another opportunity to work in Concepcion, because it was awesome. The bus ride was about 4 hours long just to Concepcion and 4 hours back. On the way there in got to be on a double decker bus and I was on the top and in the front which was really cool. I saw Jason Mittens who was one of my friends in school and we are hoping to work together soon. 

This week me and Elder Donoso had pretty good success, we found 2 families and a few investigators. In one of the family's we found the parents where less active and we got them to come to church this week and they have to kids who are 19 and 16 and we are going to baptize them both. The family absolutely loves me and Elder Donoso and they are reading the book of Mormon and doing everything we ask. They are asking for us to come over all the time. I think them and the other family and Claudia, who is another really good investigator, are answers to our prayers. The baptism went really well and I will send pictures of that also. 

When I was in Concepcion Elder Donoso was attacked by a dog, and now he has to get 5 more shots. He made sure he got a picture of the dog that bit him. I have loved working with Elder Donoso lately, it has been really cool and we are having really good success. This cambio has been going super-fast, I can’t believe we are in our fourth week of this cambio. I have realized time does really fly by in the mission. Oh also my Spanish is getting better and better. I can understand a lot now and speaking is a little difficult for me still. I can tell you Chileans don´t speak Spanish, they speak a fast slurred language (HaHa). I am still learning Spanish to my knowledge.  

I don´t have anything else for this week because I spent three days in Concepcion, and riding on a bus. I will send pictures for you guys. Thank you guys again for the package, and your letters, they do mean a lot to me. Thanks for the prayers and the examples you are to me.

I love you guys!


Elder McAlister


This week Cherilyn shared scripture from Isaiah Chapters 50 and 51 with Sean this week.  50:5-9 and Isaiah 51:7, 16.  

Verse 16 reads, (Speaking of the Gathering of Israel) "And I have put my words in thy mouth, and I have covered thee in the shadow of mine hand, that I may plant the heavens, and lay the foundations of the earth, and say unto Zion, Thou art my people.

Cherilyn said it is the Lord's work that we are about. The Lord will guide us, protect us, and put the words in our mouths at the moment of our need. He will lighten our loads and make us strong as we push forward in His work.

What a great passage and what strength we can gain from that knowledge.  Until next week enjoy the pictures from Sean this week...

When new missionaries and Elder McAlister arrived in the Concepcion Mission. He looks a little tall.



The Elders in his casa thought it would be funny and throw Sean's bed on the roof, so he just went out and laid on his bed! 

Elder Bueno and Sean bringing his bed back in the house.

Baptisms in Linares on November 16th.

Alonso and Elder McAlister

Dinner with some members.

El Huaso

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