Monday, November 18, 2013

Working with other Elders and in different areas

Here is Elder McAlister's update this week. It seems he is always short of time, trying to fit everything in on p-day. When you only have the time at the computer to sit down, read all your emails, and try to respond, it must be a challenge.

It sound like he is doing well, the language is coming along, and the baptisms sounded like a great experience.


Hey Everyone,

It sounds like this last week was a little more relaxing for you guys. It’s crazy to hear there is snow already in Utah, here it is just burning hot. Sounds like mom and dad are having a lot of fun with their new phones. Jessica sounds like you are just working and the BYU game sounds like a lot of fun. Brooke so are you done with you internship now can you work there or was that only for school? Sounds like Sabrina is having fun and was a volleyball star for the last time until volleyball starts up again. 

Well this last week was looking for new investigators and working with the few we have. We do have one more baptism this week, and there was six baptisms on the 16th which was really fun. We baptized one kid named Alonso, and our other Francisca was baptized by her grandpa which was cool. We are baptizing Alonso’s brother this week and I am baptizing him! It was a really fun day because we had six kids baptized. 

This week we had a mini cambio again, because Elder Donoso had to go to Concepcion for a meeting of the leaders. I worked with a different Elder for two days. Elder Espindola is the Elder I worked with, and it was pretty fun. We had amazing lessons and the members are really good over in their sector. We had an activity with the young men and we played soccer. Guess what, I scored one goal, which was really cool. Because I’m the only gingo and I scored against all the Chileans. It was super fun working with him and his investigators were amazing also. 

This last week nothing much really happened, we have been looking for investigators and we found one really good family, but that's about it right now. We need more of the members help and references, but the members are really hard to work with. I am really liking my mission right now the language is lacking because Elder Donoso is talking in English a lot. My Spanish is much better then when I started. I can understand a lot of what people are saying but it’s trying to talk is the hard thing for me right now and trying to remember words. I can tell you Spanish is really different here because we got a new missionary, and when we went to the first house with him he had no clue what was going on. The thing is he is from Bolivia (HaHa). I can tell you guys Elder Castellon is really crazy and really different person, a good missionary and a hard worker. 

This week I get to go to Concepcion and work over there for two days and I have a meeting for the new missionary's. So this next week should be fun. Lately on p-days we go shopping and play some soccer sometimes. But we have to walk a lot so most of our time is walking to Top Dog, our favorite restaurant and then walk to the internet place and write you guys. That´s what we did today! 

We are low on time today, so I am going to buy an SD reader next week so I can send pictures to you guys. Thanks for your letters, and thank you for all of you support. I can’t wait till I can speak the language and teach people more than I am. I love you guys, and keeping doing and being who you guys are.

I love you guys!!!

Elder McAlister


The thought time sent to Sean this week comes from Thomas S. Monson on perseverance. "Persist in your task until you complete it, many begin but few finish. Honor, power, position, and praise will come with time for those who persevere. Persist in your task until you complete it, dedicate yourself, work hard and smile, for from dedication, hard work and smile will come forth, after some time the victories of life."

Until next week...

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