Monday, November 11, 2013

What happened to the power?

Here is Elder McAlister's email home this week. Sounds like more of the same in his life, another bike experience and some issues with the electricity in their house.  Sounds like they are working hard to find people, and they are excited for a couple baptisms this Saturday.

It's been over almost two months and he still hasn't received our package, but he managed to send some pictures this week which are after his email.  It's great to see him!!


Hey Everyone

It’s good to hear everyone is okay and still alive. I sorry to hear about the ward are all the trials that they are going through right now. It’s good to hear that all of you are keeping busy. Sounds like some cool movies are coming out and sounds like Sabrina is going to be the next volleyball star in the family. That’s crazy that you graduate in a month Brooke and its awesome too. But it sounds like everyone is still doing the same old thing.

So I told you guys last week, but I will say it again. I am staying in Linares again for my second cambio and Elder Donoso is my companion again. We said good bye to the people in our zone and we got to play soccer for one last time with everyone. Then we said goodbye to Elder Watson who was the other gringo in my casa and has been helping me with my Spanish. He is only going to a different sector, so we are hoping we are companions soon. We met our new zone on Tuesday, and they are pretty fun, and on Monday night we got a new missionary in our house. His name is Elder Castellon, and he is super short, but an amazing missionary and only has a year in the church.

This week has been really hard with the people in Chile. We are looking for new investigators, and future investigators, but nothing is really happening. We had two of the baptisms move up so now we have two baptisms this Saturday. But we are having troubles just with finding some people.

I have one funny story for you guys. So we tried to ride the bikes again and this time something else happened. I´m riding the bike and I go off this little dirt jump and my back tire and chain fell right off while I was in the air. We thought it was pretty funny but I didn't crash or get hurt. The thing that wasn't fun was I had to carry my bike all the way back to our house. I had one tire in one hand and the bike in the other. So it was pretty funny and it was a good laugh for the people we were walking by. 

Also I told you guys about last week when we didn't have lights for two days on Halloween and the day after. This week our power was cut down by some kids. They were able to fix that pretty fast and we had power the next day. I thought I should tell you guys something about the power here in Chile. We can only have three single lights and one heater and a microwave on at the same time. When we have more than that our power goes out and we have to turn its back on. The electricity here is a lot different than in the United States. 

This week has been really good working with Elder Donoso because we have been working really well together. We are becoming better friends and a better companionship. I think I told you, but Elder Donoso speaks really good English and that has been a problem for me. Because he likes to speak in English all the time, but he helps me on how to teach the lessons and some Spanish words. Nothing much has happened this last week. We have had a lot of prayers and working hard. Soon we will have people.

Thanks for all of your guys support and the love that you guys have shown me. You’re all good examples to me and I try to use things that you guys have taught me and teach them to people. I am thankful that you guys are my family. Thanks for your emails and the stories you guys have. Even if your email comes a little late hahaha (Jessica). I thought I deleted your email last week. I I love you guys and thanks for your love.

Love you guys!!!

Elder McAlister

P.S. I have received grandma’s letter but not a package yet. So I will go look in Lider sometime soon.


Another thought time sent to Sean this week again comes from Joseph Smith, found in History of the Church, he says “A man who is full of the love of god is not content with blessing his family only, but thinks about all of the people in the world, anxious to bless the whole human race.”  This is exactly what Sean is doing.

Until next week...IT'S PICTURE TIME:

Elder McAlister, Elder Donoso, Elder Watson and Elder Bueno

Halloween in Chile

Sara Flores and Elder McAlister at her baptism.

Elder McAlister...armed and dangerous.

Elder Donoso and one of the famous house bikes!

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