Monday, March 31, 2014

Has tsunami season started?

Sounds like another good week, but the signs of winter are on the way.  Cold and rainy for the next few months is what Elder McAlister has to look forward to.

I forgot how great it is to get a new tie on you mission, because that is really all you get to wear that looks different. Ten new ties is like having a whole new wardrobe.


Hey how is my family?

All sounds well at home, and I want to go to California! Is everyone going to read the Elizabeth Smart book (HaHa), because it sounds like everyone is going to read it in the family! I´m glad that everyone is doing okay! Can you tell Brandon congrats for his mission call and how he will never regret it!

This last week was pretty good, we worked really hard but we didn’t get more people to the church this week. We are looking to do better this week and looking to have more people in church. Things are looking really good and we’re bringing this sector back alive. We found three investigators that need to get married.

Well in Hualpen we had a rainstorm and it was pretty cold, but I got to use all my rain gear which worked out pretty well. It was a super cold day and the nights are starting to get pretty cold. I will get to pull out my sleeping bag soon. The last two days we have had sun but then it is still cold here and it’s not even winter yet. People keep on telling me that winter is super cold here and it rains a ton and there will be a ton of wind, so that’s what I’m looking forward to. Also in Hualpen they started putting up some signs that are warnings for tsunamis and were we need to go, so that's kind of an eye opener (HaHa). I guess we will find out if we will have a tsunami soon.

This last week I found peanut butter in a house of a member and she gave it to me and it lasted for about a day. I´m not going to lie, it was so good to have peanut butter (HaHa). I also bought some Reece’s Pieces which are so good, I forgot how good candy and food is from America. 

Today we were walking around Concepcion, and we found a thrift shop which had ties and they were only 2 for 300, which is super cheap so I ended up buying ten ties and my companion bought like 6, I think. I got some new ties and I’m super happy about it. 

That was my week, it was a busy week of just work, work and work! That’s all I know to do now (HaHa), just kidding. This week I want you guys to focus on something for me! I want you guys to serve one another this week in our family or a family in need. I have really seen the blessing from serving and how that is part of the plan. I hope that you guys can do this little task and receive great blessing from our Father in Heaven. I love you guys and have a great week and keep on being a cool family!

Love you guys!!! 

Elder McAlister

P.S. Sabrina is cooler than everything in the galaxy!


As we are getting ready for General Conference I shared the following quotes with Sean from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf message in the Liahona “No Ordinary Blessing”

"Since the world began, God has raised up prophets who speak the will of heaven to the people of their times. It is our responsibility to listen and then apply the messages the Lord provides for us."

"The words spoken at general conference should be a compass that points the way for us during the coming months. If we listen to and follow the promptings of the Spirit, they will serve as a Liahona, guiding us through the unknown, challenging valleys and mountains that are ahead."

"There are messages in each general conference given as a gift and a blessing from heaven specifically for our personal life situations."

What great things he points out with the opportunity we have to hear from our church leadership, and especially our Prophet. Until next week’s post, have a great week and enjoy some new pictures from Hualpen Chile...

Elder McAlister looks like Woody from Toy Story!

Peanut Butter....oh how he has missed it.

I better know where to go if we have a tsunami...

Don't see this in Utah.

New ties!! Looks like quite the selection.

Elder Medina staying warm.

Sean's new wardrobe

The ties were cheap!

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