Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New companion from Argentina tomorrow

Another difficult week for Elder McAlister with being sick, not able to find a new place to live, and a trunky companion.  He knows who his new companion’s name, but has not met him yet.


Hey Everyone, 

Sounds like you guys had a pretty good week, and sounds like the funeral was sad. I hope Corrine and her family are doing well, and how’s the rest of the family? Well I wish I could have seen the pictures that sounds like that was a fun family home evening. Looks like dad is doing well in his collection in the Olympic pins and mom I love the quotes that you sent me. Todd and Derek really it’s just embarrassing now! I haven't had Costa Vida for the longest time and that sounds really good and Outback Steakhouse sounds like heaven. I’m happy that everyone is doing well.

This last week was a little harder than the last week as my companion has checked out and is ready to go home. So this last week was pretty hard on me and I was doing a lot of the work alone. I also got really sick to my stomach on Tuesday and it got worse every day since. Until yesterday, when I thought I was going to need to go for the hospital. I wasn't throwing up or anything like that I just had super bad pain in my stomach and all I can think about is what happened to Kyle Tuscher. I did ended up taking a lot of Pepto Bismol, but I haven't gotten any better. But I hope this week I will get better and don't worry I’m still up and moving and I’m still working. I did talk to the doctor of the mission and there seems to be a virus going around the mission right now and I’m hoping I don't have it.

Today we found out about cambios and I am getting a companion from Argentina, Elder Medina. I will get to meet him tomorrow and I will tell you guys about him next week because right now i don't know anything about him. But I got put with other Elders that work in the sector next to my, so I’m not working with the zone leaders today. But Elder Coronado left Hualpencillo and he leaves tomorrow in the morning. I was thinking about it today and I’m guessing that I’m going to have Latino companions all throughout my mission, but who really knows (HaHa). 

We didn't find the house yet, so the assistants gave us 6 more weeks to find a house. In Hualpencillo it is impossible to find a house for rent but really easy to find a house for sale and the mission doesn't want to buy a house. So we are looking at getting another companionship in Hualpen in the next cambio. But please pray for us so we can find a house because it is close to impossible to find a house here in Hualpen.

I did get to go to president’s house yesterday and wow, it is a super nice place. He pretty much lives where all the rich people live in Concepcion it was crazy. The cars there where almost all B.M.W, Camaros, Mercedes and the nice ford cars. President lives on the top floor of like an apartment building but it’s amazing. It’s also super close to where the temple is going to be. But they had chocolate chip cookies there and they were so good!!! I’m really wanting to change houses with president soon!!!

But I hope you guys have a fantastic week and remember that I love you guys. Keep on being my awesome family and Sabrina is the best little sister in the world and Jessica and Brooke are going to have to fight for the best older sister in the world (HaHa). I love you guys and have a good week and be safe.
Love you guys!!!

Elder McAlister


Here are a few missionary quotes that Sean’s Mom shared with him this week:

“Serve every day of your mission in such a way that when you get out of bed every morning, Satan says, ‘Oh no…HE’S AWAKE!’” Elder Keel—one of our Boston missionaries

“No missionary can determine the lasting effects of his or her labors.”
Elder Richard G. Scott

“There is divine purpose in the adversities we encounter every day. They prepare, they purge, they purify, and thus they bless.” Elder James E. Faust

and her favorite scriptures found in Psalms 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God".

Until next week enjoy some pictures sent.  Have a great week!

Picture of missionaries from the Concepcion Mission with Elder Zeballos from the Quorum of the Seventy.

Random cute dog

Maybe Sean is a part time firefighter too?

Elder Coronado's birthday!

An Argentinian treat from dinner at the Mission President's house.

View from the Mission President's house.

Last picture with Elder Coronado before he went home from his mission.

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