Monday, March 3, 2014

Maybe they could live at the zoo

Challenging week for Elder McAlister.  Looking for a new place to live and a companion ready to go home makes it tough to keep focus and be successful with missionary work, but it’s all part of the “Best Two Years”.


Hey Everyone,

This last week sounds like everyone had a good week and sounds like Brain Regan was really funny and a good time for parents. I am guessing he has a lot more jokes now that I haven't heard and I´m sure he is better live. Derek and Todd what going on with your team??? You guys should have won a game now! How is Brooke’s volleyball team doing? Jessica how’s things at work and I need you to cut my hair soon (HaHa)! Sabrina is still a big bum and sounds like she is just getting smarter every day! Dad I really liked the picture of the car (HaHa) that is really funny!

This last week was an okay week! We started the week off with a noche de hogar and we got permission to watch Saints and Soldiers, which was really fun to see again, I think I was the only one that understood everything that was happening in the movie and I still don't like how the movie ends. The movie was in Spanish and it was weird to hear Spanish-Spanish and not Spanish from Chile. So I could understand the Spanish really well and I was really happy to see the movie again.

We spent three days last week looking for a new house and we found nothing. So right now we are looking at apartments that are about 10 minutes from our sector, which I don't want to live outside our sector. We have to find one this week and it’s really hard to get my companion to focus on this. He keeps on saying I won’t be living here, so I don't need to search for a house, and I only say it’s not our house it’s a house for the work of the Lord. I say it like that because one it’s true and two the assistants are calling us every day and asking about the house and I always have to talk to them. So it’s been really hard to find a house, but we will be finding one in this week because there is no other option. We might try to stay in the house we are in but it would be a really tight fit for 4 missionary´s but it is an option! You guys will hear about what happens next week!

This week was really hard to work with the investigators and we ended up having none of them in the church. I have been really pushing us to work with members in lessons and to use our time better than spending most of time in the same member’s houses. I am really thinking my companion is ready to go home! Only this week and then we have cambios and I get a new companion. So you can say it’s been a challenging week for me with my patience which has been getting better as time goes on in the mission! Elder Coronado ends his mission this Sunday so I get to work with the Zone Leaders for a day this week, which is going to be so much fun!

Today was really cool, because we got to go to the zoo!!! It was really fun to go see some animals, but i have to say the zoo here is pretty sad, it’s not very big and some of the displays are pretty sad looking. I do have to say I have never been so close to a tiger and only a really weak fence is holding it back (HaHa). The lions and tigers were chasing us in there cage and I felt like they hadn't eaten for a while because they looked like they wanted to eat us. Also the monkeys were super funny and they ended up stealing one of the missionary's gum from his hand when he went to put it in his mouth! I got some pictures and some videos of the lion chasing us in his cage. The zoos in America are so much better and there are so many more animals there! But it was still super fun to go to the zoo!!!

Well that's what happened this week! I hope you guys have a good week and everything goes well. Thanks for writing me this week and I love to hear from you guys. I love you guys and read the scriptures because I have really focused in the doctrines and the principles of the scriptures and wow are they amazing, so this is my challenge for you guys this week! 

I love you guys and you guys are the best family ever!

Elder McAlister


I shared the following from Russell M. Nelson with Sean this week. He said:

"Too often we tend to split the Lord’s work into parts that seem unrelated. Whether it is preaching the gospel to nonmembers, serving with new converts, reactivating less-active members, teaching and strengthening active members, or performing family history and temple work, the work really is indivisible. These efforts are not separate. They are all part of the work of salvation."

Isn't that so true?  I often break things up like I am doing something different depending on the task or setting, but ultimately it is all the same work of bringing ourselves, Brothers and Sisters back to our Heavenly Father through the Plan of Salvation.

Until next week enjoy some pictures for Sean’s visit to the zoo today…
The District

The District on P-day at the Concepcion zoo

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